Dramatic Learning

Curriculum Based Theatre for Schools


Dramatic Learning comes to your school and teaches students

drama and music while exploring their core subjects.

We will give your students the opportunity to examine life

through theatre. The use of role-play and acquisition of

dramatic skills will allow students to approach learning from a

new direction.

We will help you, as a teacher, explore new ways of teaching

your class. Through  the use of movement, mime,

improvisation, choral speech, readers' theatre, story

theatre, play making, group drama and musical theatre, your

students will be exposed to the curriculum in creative and

innovative ways.

Students will gain confidence in expressing their ideas in

front of a group, helping to build their self-esteem. They will

work as a team, improve their performance ability and have a

lot of fun.

Dramatic Learning will customize programs to fit each class

or school with age appropriate skills and activities.